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About Us

Our web-based application is designed to manage the compliance burden of information security regulations and improve the security posture of each of its users. Tandem is a business-to-business software as a service (SaaS) company and provides 11 unique, yet integrated, products as part of the software suite.

A Subsidiary of CoNetrix

Tandem is one of four companies owned by CoNetrix, LLC. CoNetrix is known for innovative solutions and excellent quality. Tandem is no exception.

Tandem grew out of the confidence that there is a solution for every problem. A problem our clients were discovering was the burden of information security compliance.

First we supported them by helping maintain their documents. But it didn't take long to decide that a software solution could help more people, and faster. So in 2007 we began developing the do-it-yourself compliance application for information security, now known as Tandem.

Our Story

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Meet the Team

Our team values integrity, wisdom, ambition, and team spirit. You should always see this reflected in the products we build and the service we provide.

And we have customers who inspire us to be continuously innovative.

We look forward to serving you!

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