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Welcome to our

Tandem Partner Program

The Tandem Partner Program is for IT or information security consultants and service providers assisting organizations with their information security and compliance needs.

As a partner, you’ll get resources and support to help you increase the cybersecurity posture of your clients.

Who's a good fit?

If you are an IT consultant or a service provider helping clients with information security and compliance, then the Tandem Partner Program is likely a good fit.

The Tandem Partner Program supports service providers who want a proven and repeatable framework for maintaining information security compliance.

Why Tandem?

All-in-One Solution

Tandem is an integrated set of compliance tools providing an all-in-one solution to help you manage your client’s information security program. Instead of trying to learn various software programs and manage multiple support relationships, use Tandem as your go-to software.

When their business continuity plan, vendors, risk assessments, and policies are all in one place, your clients are going to think you’re a genius.

Increased Client Retention

Instead of using complex spreadsheets and wading through paper documents, you can increase your efficiency, save time, and really cut down on that overhead.

As you provide a more streamlined experience for your clients, they will feel more comfortable in your business relationship.

Training & Support

Tandem will support you as you become the trusted resource for your clients. Our team is ready to partner with you by providing the best training and support possible.

Your success is our success. We offer a variety of resources for your team to become experts in Tandem.

Ready to become a Tandem Partner?