A Case Study of What NOT to Do in Vendor Management

Vendor management and due diligence can be tedious but can also be what saves you from some bad situations. Situations like losing customer data, opening up vulnerabilities, and harming your reputation with clients. Join this webinar as we walk through a case study of a financial institution, one whose due diligence failure led to the exposure of 15 million customers’ data.

In this webinar you will learn:

• The FFIEC’s expectations for vendor due diligence
• Why the “bucket method” for due diligence is hurting your program
• What NOT to do in vendor management through an in-depth case study of a recent failure

As a bonus, attendees will get access to four in-depth document review templates for the most important due diligence documents.

Your Guide to Effective Vulnerability & Patch Management

When vulnerabilities are left unpatched (or worse, undetected), businesses are more susceptible to falling victim to a cyber-attack. As an increasing number of exploited vulnerabilities has caught the world's attention in recent years, many businesses now face the question, "What can I do?" Join Chris and Alyssa for this deep dive into regulatory expectations and practical steps you can take to create an effective vulnerability and patch management program.

In this webinar, you will learn:

• What FFIEC guidance says about vulnerability and patch management.
• Best practices for monitoring and managing vulnerabilities.
• Techniques you can implement to improve your patch management processes.
• Tips for ensuring compliance and promoting security.