2021 Cybersecurity Trends in the Financial Institution Industry

If you want to know what other financial institutions experience when it comes to cybersecurity, you have to ask. When we asked, we received a few hundred responses from financial institutions across the United States as part of our 3rd annual “State of Cybersecurity in the Financial Institution Industry” survey. Join us for this Summer Series webinar as we review the latest cybersecurity trends and discuss practical applications for you and your company.

Phishing That Works and How to Combat It

What do you think are the most failed phishing tests? Sending simulated phishing emails is a common training method, but is it as effective as it could be? According to data from the Tandem Phishing community, the most frequently failed tests are not from the messages most people think they will be. Join us for this Summer Series webinar as we explore various types of phishing messages and identify why some are more problematic (or successful) than others.

Reporting Cybersecurity to the Board – Why, What, and How

Imagine you were given 30 minutes to update the Board of Directors on cybersecurity. What would you share? How can you give a clear picture of your company’s challenges and opportunities in such a limited time? Join us for this Summer Series webinar as we discuss how you can make the most of your time when reporting on cybersecurity to senior leadership.

Panel: Expert Consultants on Information Security Issues

During this session, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss answers with information security consultants from CoNetrix Security. Join us as we facilitate a conversation with Summer Champagne, Patrick Henry, and Missy Oliver to discuss common security and compliance issues encountered by financial institutions. Our expert panel will share what issues they find when working with clients and give recommendations on how to improve.

BCP Panel: Lessons Learned from Real World Disasters

The last few years have taught us that we need to be prepared for a disaster to strike. Whether it’s a hurricane, pandemic, or some other disaster, it is vital to be prepared with a well thought-out BCP. Join our panel of risk and IT experts who recently put their BCP to the ultimate test during a real-world disaster and learn from their experiences. Join this session to learn and ask questions about how to better prepare your BCP.

Saving Time as an ISO

Are you responsible for your financial institution’s information security program and overwhelmed with a long list of tasks and limited amount of time? How do you keep up with compliance requirements and ensure you are covering all your bases? Is there a more efficient way to fulfill the requirements of the role?

Bring your questions and join us for an interactive panel discussion with 3 experienced ISOs in the financial industry.