Ask the Experts: The NCUA ACET

Since the NCUA’s release of the “Automated Cybersecurity Evaluation Toolbox (ACET)”, there has been a lot of uncertainty about what this means and how it relates to InTREx-CU, CAT, and MERIT. Fortunately for you, our experts are here to clear up the confusion.

In this session our experts will answer questions like:
• What is the ACET and why are there multiple versions of it?
• What is the difference between the NCUA ACET and the FFIEC CAT?
• Am I required to complete the ACET and if so, how often must I complete it?

How to Address the Most Frequently Found Security Issues

You found what?! We take care of one security problem and another pops up. How can we get ahead of these? Join this session as we look at 7 of the top security issues facing financial institutions and gain the auditor vs consultant perspective on what we can do to address them.

During this session, we will answer questions like:
• What do your auditors want to see (or not see) from your passwords?
• Who in your organization is responsible for patch management?
• Why do systems need independent administrative scans?