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Tools for Communicating in a Business Disruption

Communication is a key part to any successful Business Continuity Plan. This session will focus on best practices for an effective communication plan. Lindsey will demonstrate some key Tandem features designed for communication, such as Employee Alerts and Responses, Call Trees, and the Tandem Mobile Application. This session will teach you how to use these features successfully to save time and headache in any business disruption.

CoNetrix Security Consultants: A Panel Discussion

During this session, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss answers with the IT auditors from CoNetrix Security. Join Benjamin Taylor as he facilitates a conversation with Bret Mills, Patrick Henry, Daniel Lindley, and Missy Oliver to discuss common issues encountered during IT audits and provide tips for how you can improve your security.

Tools and Templates for Vendor Due Diligence Reviews

If you manage vendor relationships for your organization, you have likely dealt with the hassle of reviewing various types of due diligence documents given to you by vendors. But did you know that Tandem Vendor Management offers several review templates, including reviews for business continuity, subcontractors, SOC reports, and financial statements? Join Samantha as she discusses these review templates and demonstrates how you can easily use and customize them to review your vendor due diligence documents.

Live Hack: WiFi Cracking

The commonality of WiFi networks and the use of smart devices (including the IoT devices) has increased the risk of wireless attacks at home, in the workplace, and anywhere you hop online. If we want to improve our controls, first we must understand the risk. Come watch Luke demonstrate a wireless network attack including a WEP attack, WPA2 attack, and see what managing a rogue access point looks like from the attacker’s point of view.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a cat-and-mouse game and the rise of artificial intelligence has introduced another player. Knowing your adversary is key to cyber resilience. In this presentation, we will explore examples of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity to see how attackers and security analysts are taking advantage of this software that learns. Come familiarize yourself with AI terminology and learn about the practical implications of artificial intelligence on your business.

Validating your Risk Assessment Controls

Building a risk management program typically follows a repeatable three step process: identify risks, apply controls, and validate the effectiveness of those controls. As an industry, we often separate responsibility for the first two steps from the third. While this separation is necessary for independence, the disconnect can result in important information not being shared. In this session, we will discuss how to bridge this gap using tools in Tandem, streamlining communication between departments, and improving your overall risk management practices.

What Happened When We Spear Phished You

Thanks to modern technology, we have copious amounts of information at our fingertips. But how much of that information belongs to you, and how can it be used against you? Join Alex and BJ as they explore how hackers gather information on a target, how hackers use that information to spear phish their target, and what you can do to protect your confidential information.

Security Awareness Training Made Easy

Security Awareness Training doesn’t have to be a pain. It’s all about knowing what to cover and how to communicate it. In this presentation, Trenton will be walking you through the soon-to-be-released Tandem Training module to show you how easy Security Awareness Training can be and give you some direction when it comes to what makes training stick.