Tandem is excited to announce the release of Phishing, a new online module to provide social engineering tests and training in the form of simulated phishing emails.

Launched on January 19, 2016, Tandem Phishing allows users to draft and send phishing email messages through a campaign manager with built-in templates created by the CoNetrix Security & Compliance Team.  In addition, users can create their own message templates or landing pages and use them in custom campaigns.  Tandem Phishing also allows users to manage multiple phishing campaigns at once, run reports, and download documents in Word, Excel, or PDF formats.

"Simulated phishing email testing is an effective way to educate employees on how to spot phony emails," said CoNetrix president, Russ Horn.  "Our hope is the Tandem Phishing module will allow banks, credit unions, and other security conscious companies an affordable way to provide simulated testing and training for their employees on a more frequent basis." 

Phishing is a digital form of social engineering that uses fraudulent, authentic-looking emails to trick users into performing certain actions or revealing confidential information.  Making sure employees are well educated about the dangers of phishing is an important aspect in maintaining cybersecurity.

About Tandem Security and Compliance Software: Tandem was the first comprehensive online Information Security Program software solution designed to help financial institutions create and maintain a complete program to comply with GLBA and the Interagency Guidelines Establishing Information Security Standards. While Tandem was designed as a complete solution from the ground up, it was fashioned into modules which allow for versatility. The modules include Risk Assessment, Policies, Vendor Management, Business Continuity Plan, Identity Theft Prevention Program, Internet Banking Security Program, Audit Management, Social Media Management, Cybersecurity Assessment, and now Phishing. Today, Tandem serves more than 1,000 financial institutions, with over 16,000 active users.