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Software Specialist

Samantha Torrez-Hidalgo

8 Years Speaking Experience

Speaking Topics

  • Risk Assessments


  • CSXF



Samantha likes to make things easier and more efficient for people – whether it's helping you tailor a report highlighting exactly what you want to showcase about your vendors, troubleshooting a bug you encountered and can't find out where it originated from, or reviewing a paper, blog post, or email before you send it out - she wants to be there to lend a hand and help you succeed.  

For the past seven years, Samantha has been able to help people with goals like these in her current role working at Tandem LLC. Working with this software company gives her the opportunity to interact directly with people every day and learn about their unique needs and figure out the best way to provide them with solutions to meet their goals.

Samantha started this journey by working in IT at her university when she was a freshman in college. This gave her the knowledge and skills necessary to work with a diverse range of people and understand their needs, whether it was climbing on desks to fix a projector, sticking her hand inside a printer to remove some cartridge, or removing a hard drive from a laptop to save its files and reformat.

All these experiences have culminated into the characteristics that make her who she is today – a person who is curious, likes to ask questions, learn, and try new things – but still finds herself always wanting to help others.

Her life outside of work is simple. She enjoys relaxing with my husband, who she was fortunate enough to meet at work, so they often talk about the similarities in their careers. They spend time playing Mario Kart, watching their favorite Marvel shows, and playing with their three adorable, rambunctious cats.


Recent Speaking Engagements

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    • The Ins & Outs of Your Annual Report to the Board
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    • Many Birds, One Stone: Using Asset-Based Risk Assessments for More than Your Assets
  • 2020 Missouri Bankers Conference
    • Complete Your Assessments with Tandem Cybersecurity
  • 2020 Tandem Summer Series
    • Tools & Templates for Vendor Due Diligence Reviews