Tandem announces the release of Tandem Incident Management, a new software product for creating an incident response plan and tracking incidents as they occur.

"With the current cyber climate, our customers are facing significant operational and reputational risks," said Brady Cook, General Manager for Tandem. "Our goal with the release of Tandem Incident Management is to give our customers the tools they need to prepare for the inevitable and effectively manage incidents."

Tandem Incident Management software helps companies be proactive in their cyber resilience strategy. The user-friendly platform provides helpful features and recommendations based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) SP 800-61 Rev. 2, Computer Security Incident Handling Guide. With a straight-forward method for creating a plan to handle incidents, alongside the ability to track response processes when incidents occur through the six stages outlined by NIST, Tandem Incident Management offers an all-in-one incident response solution, designed with security professionals in mind.

Tandem Incident Management is part of a comprehensive online suite of information security management products. To provide seamless sharing of data and help avoid duplication of information, Tandem offers integration features among Incident Management and Business Continuity Planning, Vendor Management, and Policies. Other Tandem products include Phishing, Audit Management, Risk Assessment, and Cybersecurity. All Tandem products are available under the same secure website.

Tandem boasts unlimited users, friendly support, and resources for consulting beyond the software.

For more information about the new product, visit https://tandem.app/incident-management-software.