Tandem, a subsidiary of CoNetrix, is inviting users to explore their new website—https://tandem.app. With a fresh look, the new marketing website offers customers a better user-experience and a new way to connect to Tandem while learning more about the software. 

Tandem is a web-based application designed to manage the compliance burden of information security regulations and improve the security posture of each of its users. Tandem is a business-to-business software as a service (SaaS) company and provides 11 unique, yet integrated, products as part of the software suite. Such modules include Risk Assessment, Policies, Vendor Management, Business Continuity Planning, and Cybersecurity.

"We are excited to reveal our new website. The Tandem team has put in a lot of hard work to make the site engaging and helpful for people interested in Tandem," said Russ Horn, President of CoNetrix.

Coinciding with the new website launch, Tandem introduced the Tandem Partner Program. The Tandem Partner Program is for any kind of consultant or service provider who assists organizations with their information security and compliance needs.
"Creating a dedicated website for Tandem allows us to showcase the software in more detail and connect with potential Tandem Partners more directly," stated Brady Cook, General Manager for Tandem.

Users accustomed to accessing the Tandem application through the previous marketing website can now visit Tandem.app to sign in to the Tandem application. The Sign In button will direct users to the familiar https://secure.conetrix.com. Although plans are in place to move the application itself to Tandem.app, Tandem is taking a phased approach to ensure a smooth and pleasant transition for users.

Tandem users can be assured that management, development, and customer service for the Tandem Software has not changed. Tandem will continue to provide the superior customer support and development enhancements users have admired and come to expect since its inception.

About Tandem

Tandem is a web-based application designed to help with information security and compliance management. Companies who need to comply with information security regulations can easily manage regulatory compliance, improve information security, and lower overhead costs. Service providers are invited to partner with Tandem through the Tandem Partner Program. By partnering with Tandem, information security consultants can provide a more streamlined experience for their clients. Tandem is developed by Tandem, LLC, a CoNetrix company.

Tandem Software Products
  • Audit Management
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Compliance Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Identity Theft Prevention Program
  • Internet Banking Security
  • Phishing
  • Policies
  • Risk Assessment
  • Social Media Management
  • Vendor Management
About CoNetrix

CoNetrix, LLC is a family of technology companies. CoNetrix Technology offers managed IT services as well as a suite of secure cloud computing offerings marketed as Aspire. CoNetrix Security provides information security consulting and testing to financial institutions. Tandem Security & Compliance Software® is online software helping organizations comply with information security requirements and regulations. nQativ® offers a suite of accounting software (ERP) modules to companies throughout the United States and Canada.