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Annual Cybersecurity Report

Learn about the top trends in cybersecurity for financial institutions.

2023 Cybersecurity Report for the Financial Institution Industry

A panel of Tandem security and compliance experts analyzed survey data from 288 cybersecurity professionals to understand how financial institutions are managing cybersecurity. The results show trends and highlight best practices across the industry.

Download this free report to gain insights on:

  • How institutions are taking steps to improve cybersecurity.
  • Industry-wide circumstances impacting cybersecurity oversight.
  • The tools and frameworks most often implemented by financial institutions.
  • How training correlates with improved confidence in overall security posture.
  • The perceived value of assurance and testing activities.
  • The adoption of emerging technologies such as AI, Cryptocurrency, and FinTechs.

Find out how your financial institution's cybersecurity practices compare with the industry and discover information you can use to help make confident decisions for your cybersecurity program.

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