At Tandem, we recognize there are a few GRC (governance, risk, and compliance) solutions on the market. So, why should you pick Tandem? Based on feedback from individuals who have chosen Tandem, here are 10 reasons, in no particular order, why over 1400 organizations have chosen Tandem over other solutions.

10. "Offers a user friendly and visually appealing interface."

Designed with users in mind, the Tandem interface was created for easy, beautiful, and intuitive navigation. Featuring a friendly color scheme, natural flow of forms, and accessibility from your computer or mobile device, the Tandem web-application is ready when you need it. We believe a software solution should help you save time, not cost you time figuring out how to use it.

9. "Comes with prebuilt templates."

Whether you are looking for a GLBA risk assessment, cybersecurity policy, vendor SOC report review, or simulated phishing campaign message based on current trends, Tandem offers a suite of prebuilt templates. Use the templates as a foundation and tailor them to your environment to impress any reviewer of your information security program. 

8. "Offers more customizability."

We just mentioned templates to help you save time, but we also know not every organization operates the same. Why should your information security program be any different? Ready-to-use on day one of your subscription, Tandem offers a flexible framework with the ability to tailor the settings to your organization's needs. With the ability to customize things like email notifications, access capabilities, ratings, and templates, Tandem offers the ideal balance of recommended content with customizability.

7. "Integrates with other Tandem products."

Information security doesn't happen in a vacuum and neither should your information security program. Reference policies in your risk assessment, connect third parties to your business continuity plan, associate audit findings with your risk assessment controls, and more. With integration among the Tandem products, we can help you ensure the program remains up-to-date and consistent.

6. "Generates custom documents."

We hear from people who spend tons of time constructing specific document formats for senior management, boards of directors, auditors, and examiners. Then, they do it all again for the next meeting. Not with Tandem. Our products provide templates, filters, and document organization options, so you don't have to do any document manipulation on your own. Tandem lets you export the information you need and getting a newly generated version is as easy as clicking "download."

5. "Includes save options along the way."

No more spending hours creating a report for the board only to lose it due to a faulty save system. We understand the value of hard work, so we have added save options along the way. Whether you are building a risk assessment, policy, or business continuity plan, keeping your work safe is of utmost importance and we make it easy to do.

4. "Simple pricing that unlocks all features."

While the cost for Tandem products varies based on asset size or employee count, the subscription fee for each product can start as low as a few hundred a year per product for a small community institution and go up to a few thousand a year for a larger organization. We like to keep things simple, so with the Tandem subscription fee, you can have an unlimited number of users and admins, as well as access to the full functionality of the product, without having to worry about add-ons to unlock additional features.

3. "Partners with consultants."

We believe you have what it takes to manage information security and regulatory compliance, but for the times when an extra set of hands may be helpful, Tandem partners with trusted consultants in the information security industry. Find a partner to work in Tandem with you and take your governance, risk, and compliance practices to the next level.

2. "Is security focused."

Tandem offers a suite of security features, designed to ensure your data is well-protected. Enable multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), and IP address restrictions for user accounts. Request and review our SOC Report, CompTIA Security Trustmark, and Due Diligence FAQ to learn about our security practices and see results of recent independent testing.

1. "Provides an exceptional and personable team."

We named our product Tandem because we work in partnership – in tandem – with you. Our support and development teams work hard to ensure Tandem stays current with new features every two to four weeks, based on advancements in technology, regulatory changes in the industry, and feedback from customers, like you. We are passionate about information security and are excited to continue working with our clients to ease the burden of regulatory compliance and, more importantly, improve security posture.

Ready to see for yourself?

If you are interested in learning more about Tandem, here are three next steps you can take.

  1. Watch a demo video on your own time.
  2. Sign up for one of our free products, like Cybersecurity or Compliance Management.
  3. Request a quote from our sales team.

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